“air operations”

This project was part of the 2016-17’ Howard E. LeFevre Emerging Practitioner Fellowship research. Picking up where the “inflatable moment” of the 1960s left off, Air Operations is a performative investigation into lightweight inflatable structures. Here, geometry and material play an ambiguous game where the program of a certain object is never really defined, and thus can serve any number of uses. The objects were produced at the scale of the body (4’ tall), the personal space (10’ tall) and the habitat (24’ tall). This ambiguity was the result of a series of digital simulations that sought to predict the deformation of a specific form (the tetrahedron) as it interacted with air pressure.

Concurrent with the theme of the fellowship research, it is fundamentally a project about digital translation. Components of the physical world (meaning air pressure, material properties, gravity) are imported into software in order to predict an output.

Project Credits

Galo Canizares
Enio Dajko