“noodle soup”

The Story

Noodle Soup is an architectural scale interface. Conceived as an interactive playscape, it is flexible enough for a range of outdoor performances, and picturesque enough for it to seamlessly integrate into the wooded scenery of Lake Forest. It features a set of fuzzy, fixed structures (walls) around which are soft, linear, pliable pieces of furniture (noodles). The soft elements can interact with the hard structures to serve functional purposes such as seating, but they can also act as oversized toys, freely configurable in a variety of ways. Conceptually, Noodle Soup seeks to empower the individual’s artistic agency as well as blend whimsey, playfulness, and interaction into a transformable constructed landscape with both predictable and unpredictable results.

The Noodles

The noodles are waterproof bean bags arranged throughout the composition in various lengths. They are made primarily of PVC coated polyester mesh fabric (which provides weatherproofing for extended exterior use) filled with recycled foam peanuts. Typically used for covering outdoor stage electronics, this fabric material is durable and lightweight. The fill is carefully customized so as to give the noodle enough weight to withstand wind, but light enough so individual users can reposition them as they wish.

Noodles can be looped, knotted, slumped over, and piled up. They can interact with the walls in various ways, by threading them through openings or simply laying them on the steps. The different lengths cater to different uses. For example, looped ones can be used for small gatherings, long ones can be coiled in an S-shape for stage seating, and short ones can be knotted to form a recliner. If necessary, noodles can be hooked onto onto walls for added security.

The Walls

Made of traditional wood framing, the walls and the stage are the only fixed element in the composition. They are conceived as having been “peeled” up from the ground on one side and sculpted into seating on the other. This contrast between natural and artificial is further articulated by having the concave side clad in a green shade of synthetic turf, blending it into the ground. The convex side is clad in a neon shade of turf so as to reinforce its artificial qualities. As the viewer makes their way around the composition, some walls recede into the greenery of the landscape, while others emerge to the foreground as geometric objects in a picturesque forest.

The App

The web-app,, is a “cookbook” for our Noodle Soup. It provides examples of how to rearrange the noodles, as well as instructs visitors on how to use them in conjunction with the walls. Presented as a set of “recipes,” each scenario consists of a virtual 3d model of an example composition and instructions on how to achieve it. It is accessible online and through mobile devices, easy enough for users of all ages.

Project Credits

Team Leads
Galo Canizares, Stephanie Sang Delgado

Design Team
Rachel Ghindea, Theo Morrow, Clark Sabula, Ali Sandhu, Christina Tefend, Sadie Webb, Daniel Yontz

Build Team
Rachel Ghindea, Theo Morrow, Garrett Schultz, Becca Schalip, Jack Raymond, Adeeba Arastu, Aaron Payne, Moones Mirbeygi